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Not everyone is naturally comforable in front of the camera. We offer a professional setting, directing out actors—our clients!—in a positive way, providing guidance to create the perfect scene.

Let us show you how working in front of the camera can be fun!

COVID-19 PPE Safe Notice:

Teal colored photo of a face mask for COVID-19 safety

Disclaimer: We exercise and implement our own COVID restrictions and precautions based upon CDC guidelines. We practice safe social distancing and wear masks at all times, whether it’s on set or in the studio. Have additional requirements? No problem! Let us know what we can do to make your experience as comfortable and risk-free as possible in these trying times.

What We're About

At O’Mega Images, we’re proud of our ability to connect with people while helping to create our customer’s vision. Already have a creative media goal? We can turn that goal into a reality! Have an idea, but need a little help creating a plan? Our team has the technical ability and ambition to help give your masterpiece life.

Photo of O'Mega Images photography studio.

On Set & Behend The Camera

What Our Clients are Saying...

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