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Post Production & Remote Editing

Do you already have a freelance videographer, but need a post-production editor?

We can take raw video and prepare it for publication: create transitions, fix audio or lighting problems, include audio, insert voice-overs, add captions, create picture-in-picture imagery, select stills for thumbnails—we do it all!

Remote Editing Examples

Snipers Edge Hockey

Summer 2020 Weekly Challenges  |  View Full Playlist

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Snipers Edge Hockey

Passmaster 20 Second Ad

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Post Production Editing

Hinsdale Economic Development Corp.


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Photo of FAA Certified to Fly Logo

Aerial Videography

If your project involves aerial footage, we’ve got your back! We’re certified to fly.


Rates vary depending on the services you need. Please contact us with any questions that you have about our services

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