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About Us

O'Mega Images was established in 2019.

Since then, we have grown into a company with clients from coast to coast. ​Our team consists of accomplished producers, directors, photographers, camera operators, content creators, audio engineers, and post-production editors. We have the resources to get you where you want to go.

We’ve created our vision. Let us help you create yours.

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The Team

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Max Beebe

Director / Videographer / Photographer

I began working with cameras at a young age, capturing memories with friends and family. These experiences sparked my love for entertainment. In 2019, I opened a production studio, striving to make my passions a reality. Today, I am an award-winning photographer, director of economic development videos, and content creator for companies of all sizes. I love being involved with a project from the seed of an idea to the final product: storyboarding, set designing, lighting, filming, editing, composing, audio engineering, and color grading. I am also Part-107 certified through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a remote drone pilot. My ultimate goal is to create original content that supports your objectives as an individual, business, or organization.

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Cody Hall

Audio Engineer / Audio Technician / Composer

I began my education in film and media back in the 6th grade when I took a course on filming with the local technology education department. Shortly thereafter, I started filming basketball games for a local high school and slowly worked my way up to recording concerts for local bands. From there, I dove head first into learning everything I could about audio in film and television. After graduating from Full Sail University, I began working on television and film while apprenticing at a Boston studio. Now, I head up the audio for many video projects and endeavors, and lend my ear and eye to those looking to make their mark.

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Dylan Fernandez

Photographer / Videographer / Content Creator

Growing up, I spent every summer tinkering with cameras. It was fun to film myself or friends doing something fun…or a slightly dangerous stunt (sorry, mom). I see a camera lens as a window to a fixed point in the past, ready to be shaped to tell a story. While I always thought of photography and film as a passionate hobby, my career took a turn when Max, my long-time friend, asked if I would take part in the journey that has become O’Mega Images. When not behind a camera, I enjoy creating music, writing, and outdoor sports. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in secondary education at Thomas College in 2018, minoring in political science. I taught high school social studies and recently tried my hand as a chef at a local restaurant. I have always pursued career goals centered around my many passions, and I can’t imagine ever doing anything different.

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Lee Crockett Darcy

Copywriter, editor

If you told my younger self that I would one day live in New Hampshire, I wouldn’t have believed you. I grew up in Virginia and studied American history at Mary Washington College, intending on working as a historian…then a charming Mr. Darcy spirited me north. Later, I earned an MFA in fiction from New England College. Don’t ask for my list of favorite books—you’re not ready for that conversation. I can identify most birds in the eastern United States by their song alone, and make references to The Office (US) more often than necessary. When not writing, I’m likely vacuuming the clouds of fur roaming freely behind our Norwegian Elkhound. No, I’m not related to Davy.

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